Getting Started

The KEK Certificate Authority provides certificates for users, hosts, and services according to the CP/CPS. Users must read and accept CP/CPS. The necessary steps to obtain the certificates are described below.


Please read carefully CP/CPS first.

2. Fill in the Application Forms

Fill in the application form for KEK GRID CA account, available from KEK CRC Application Page.

If you do not have an account on any other systems in KEK, you have to submit KEK Computing Research Center System Application Form.

3. Submit Forms

Send the filled form to the Administration Office of the KEK Computing Research Center by e-mail or usual mail with a (high resolution) copy of your photo ID.

4. Interview

You are required to attend an interview, which is either face to face or through video conference.
The User administrator of the KEK GRID CA will contact you via e-mail for the interview.

5. After the interview

You will recieve your account information from the KEK GRID CA.
Please change your password when you login the CA web for the first time.
Then you can use KEK GRID CA services and obtain certificates using the client tool.

After Feb. 2012, Common Name (CN) is automatically determined from your english full name, which you have registered on KEK Computing Research Center.

If you want to change your CN, you should contact to
Please note that you have to use your full name as CN basically .

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